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The Development of Tourism in Post Conflict Destinations

I have been working on the development of tourism in post conflicts areas of Sri Lanka, predominantly the Eastern Province, for the past 18 months. As an advocate for Responsible Tourism I have definitely struggled with the way that some of the development has taken place and the total absence of responsible tourism planning in Sri Lanka since the end of the 30 year conflict in May 2009. I have also read a lot of negative publicity with some of the headlines being;
“International calls grow for end to tourism land grabs in Sri Lanka, TourismConcern Press Release, 25 July 2011”
“Sri Lanka, new tourism projects threaten the lives of fishermen, Asia News, Sunday, 16 January 2011.”
All of this led me to look internationally to see what literature and case studies exist as well as what frameworks have been successfully implemented to ensure the responsible development of tourism in post conflict destinations. While there have been a range of studies internationally, there are no recent or relevant tourism studies that have been conducted since the end of Sri Lanka’s conflict in May 2009 that provide both the private and public sector with lessons learned in tourism development from other post conflict countries. Read more by clicking on the following link: Literature Review – The Development of Tourism in Post Conflict Destinations

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